The Pocket Square... A little taste of luxury...

Recently mens style has seen a resurgence in all things dapper, including the pocket square. Trend setters have been wearing these squares of fancy for a while.

Pocket squares are taking their place as a fashion staple for the dapper mens suit. Coming in an array of outrageous colours and prints, pocket squares are quite simple to make.

I'll show you how... All it takes is your fabric of choice, thread, scissors, a needle and a sewing machine. The best pocket squares have a rolled hem, this is easy to achieve once you know how. However some also feature a zig zag stitch in a contrasting coloured thread. So if you aren't confident with your hand sewing you might like to try this option instead.

Pocket Square with a Rolled Hem

Cut out your chosen fabric in a square 32 x 32cm. Using a matching thread sew a line all the way around with your sewing machine .5cm from the edge. Press with an iron.

Then take your needle and thread (now is time for the hand sewing!) and carefully fold along the stitching line then fold it again, so that it touches the back or wrong side of the fabric. (This is when you could do the zig zag option instead. Just top stitch the fold in the zig zag stitch, or even in a straight stitch if you prefer.) Then stitch the roll down by catching the stitching line to the back of the fabric. Being carefull not to catch too much fabric, so the stitch is invisible.

The corners are a little tricky if you would like a mitred corner. This requires you to fold the corner in and then each side of the fabric so that they meet, as seen in the photograph.

Just sew each edge, do each corner the same and voila! You have a finished pocket square!

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