Spring is on its way... Gorman style...

Gorman Double trouble anorak and Bindi dress

Gorman Third eye dress
I think we can all agree that Spring is the season for colour. We can pack away the black and the brown and put on something with a bit more livelyness. I breathe a sigh of relief after the abysmal fashion that we experienced over Winter, is it any wonder that most of it still sits on the store shelf. After long shopping trips (I actually don't like shopping that much. I like to get in and out.) coming home with nothing, I concluded that the designers (or buyers, you can choose which) had lost their way.

Gorman Born to run tank
Gorman Blind ambition skirt

So it is nice to see that at least for Spring they seem to have gotten back into the groove. But lets face it we live in Australia where sun shines for most of the year, so of course Spring is going to be above and beyond anything they produce for Winter.

My rant aside as you know I love Gorman and this Spring looks very promising, fingers crossed that they have some more artist collaborations, the prints last Spring/Summer were amazing.

From your,

Gorman Girl xxx


  1. Incredible pictures, really stunning!! From Canberra Deck

  2. Thanks! Go to www.gormanshop.com.au to see the rest of the collection from this Spring! Lucy


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