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It has been a while since I have shown any of my hats, so I thought I would share a couple with you today. It seems that every time I make something new I want to push myself, which isn't such a bad thing. These two pieces were created with specific events in mind. However I had long been toying with using leather and wool together and I have been thrilled the result.

This collection titled 'Hedonism: Pleasure is the greatest good' has been inspired by architectural shape and form and the utilitarian minimalism of the 1940's. I wanted to created pieces that were beautiful with hidden depths.

Architect Frank Gehry was the idea behind the 'Merge' hat. I liked the way his buildings have a fluid movement about them and fold back on themselves.

'Merge' Hat p.o.a

Frank Gehry’s – City of Wine Complex, Northern Spain

'Fly Away With Me' was a play with the style of hats worn by airforce pilots during the second world war, interlaced with utilitarian shapes worn by women in the 1940's.

'Fly Away With Me' Hat p.o.a

If you are not aware I design and make hats under the lable Banks & Bell. Currently I am only stocking online, however I hope that in the future my pieces will be available in store. If you are interested in purchasing either piece, please direct your inquires to banksandbell@gmail.com

Architectural image from: http://freshome.com/2012/08/17/iconic-legends-the-10-greatest-modern-architects-of-our-time/

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